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What we consume: electricity and water for the project

posted May 25, 2009, 3:48 PM by victoria@projectvolunteering.net
Ok, here I will try to track how much electricity and water we use (used so far) and how much we should pay for that. We can either calculate the whole amount for the year and start collencting it with donations etc as soon as we can or read the counters every month and pay exactly the amount we consumed the month before. I personally prefer the first option.


Ok, we have been using the Grundversorgungsstromtarif (basic default tarif) of Vattenfall that is 18,92 Cent/kWh
As soon as possible (I'm now actively working on it - I should get mail at some point, inform me please) we will switch to the Sunpower tarif that I already made a general log in february about. That one will be 16,45 Cent/kWh, so quite a lot cheaper and 100% renewable energy.

Our electricity contract started one month after we moved in since there was some arrangement with the previous Hauptmieter about that. We didn't pay electricity in February and he didn't buy a new kitchen sink although he was supposed to. Deal.
So the counter on the 1st of March 2009 was on 90646 kWh
On the 13th of May it was on 94213 kWh
= that means in two and a half months we used 3567 kWh * 0.1892 € = 674,88 € ; so per month 269,95 €

We should seriously consider ways of saving energy. And until we succeed in that, we have to pay.

//Note: These numbers also include drying the walls after the exploded water boiler. We got a letter from the Hausverwaltung about how much electricity they used for that. We have to give it to Vattenfall because we don't have to pay for that. I will look it up next time I'm at the Caravan and correct this. But that doesn't work as an excuse, it won't make a big differnece!


The standart water price for us (without a way of changing it I think) is 4,724 €/m³ (Euro per cubic metre). This number consists of 2,181 €/m³ for using water and 2,543 €/m³ for cleaning the same amount again.

I don't know any exact numbers (hope I can find out) of how much we used since we moved in but I remember we kept track on that for a while and figured that
we use about 1,5 m³ of water = 7,086 € per day = ca. 220 € per month

Adding this to our rent that is
1262,33 € warm
   49,95 € Internet
  269,95 € electricity
  220,00 € water
= 1802,23 € that the project costs every month so far

(it will be a little less since sunpower will be cheaper but due to flexible parametres that number should remain every month's goal)